So what’s our story?

We are just a start up like many others.

Not a huge conglomerate, or anything other than a small team, in a small room, trying to make a dent on the world.

We couldn’t believe how limited our options were when it came to vaginal care. Not because we have a problem, or our bodies are not normal, but because we were turning to options that were affecting our vaginal pH.

We started to dig into data and data and found that not only do women turn to unsuitable products, many are unaware of what this means.

  • Regular shower and shaving gels can cause microbial imbalances due to being the wrong pH, which can lead to issues such as thrush and BV. 60% of UK women suffer from vaginal health problems each year, yet 63.3% of women don’t understand their vaginal needs.
  • 41.5% of women suffer from ingrown hairs yet 53% of us don’t know how to avoid them.
  • 59% of UK women aren’t aware that regular shaving gels aren’t suitable for use around the vaginal area and can cause imbalances.

It is strange how many people feel that talking about intimacy is just “not ok”. Not only are many women unaware of their vaginal needs, they are turning to unsuitable shower gels and natural washes. Everyone tells you to use unscented soap but this is the wrong pH and even when only used externally it can lead to irritation.

We wanted to provide a range of products that will help to maintain the natural vaginal pH for women no matter what their lifestyle.