Whether you are on your way to work, taking the children to school, getting ready for a night on the tiles or simply just feeling sassy (yes we went there), there is a something for you.

We designed SASS to suit the everyday woman.

Our daily intimate care range is suited for everyday care of your intimate area/vagina while our shave and perfect skin products offer complete aftercare whether you wax or shave.

You can now buy SASS directly from us. Check out our SASS Store.

This pH-balancing daily cleanser helps promote growth of good bacteria & inhibit other microbes that can lead to thrush and bacterial vaginosis. A gentle purifier that ensures everyday freshness.

The only crystal clear, non-foaming shave gel that is suitable for intimate use that also helps prevent ingrown hairs.

This soothing post wax or shave balm helps to prevent ingrown hairs, minimise hair regrowth while soothing and re-moisturising your intimate area. Check out our Soothe and Smooth Shave Gel to complete your hair removal routine.
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Need a quick freshen up? Use this anytime, anywhere to feel instantly refreshed!

This moisturizing gel has been created to provide long lasting hydration.

Initimate Refreshing Wipes
A discrete handbag pack of pH balanced & gynaecologist approved intimate refreshing wipes.
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