Be Kinder To Your Vagina Kit (Pre-Order)


It’s time to give your vagina the attention it wants.

Feel great inside and out with the first intimate skincare kit lovingly assembled to cover all your vaginal needs. This Valentines, whether you are getting some, looking to get some or just having a bit of fun with your girlfriends, SASS has you covered.

There’s one for you, your friend and anyone that has one.

Pre-order your very own kit now!

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What’s in it?

Refreshing Mist

pH-Balance Gel

Dryness Gel

Pack of Refreshing Wipes

(fabulously packed for your handbag)

Intimate Refreshing Mist

Goodbye odours, hello freshness.

Whether you’re on the run, having a night on the tiles or just having a mental day, top up your intimate freshness with a quick spritz.

Intimate pH Balance

Did you know that semen can throw off your pH-balance?

Sometimes, it’s simply down to pH-balance. Our vagina’s skin can be sensitive to external factors such as chaffing from tight clothes, rigorous exercise and even your favourite body wash. Our pH-balance is designed to restore your vaginal pH-balance and reduce the risk of getting unwanted odours and the microbes that can lead to bacterial vaginosis and thrush.

Intimate Dryness Gel

Vaginal dryness is a common problem that can affect any woman, at any age.

We love hydrated skin, inside and out thus our Dryness Gel was born. Ultra-moisturising and ultra-rehydrating, get relief from vaginal dryness by applying the gel internally and externally, as much as you like.

Intimate Refreshing Wipes

Wipes that instantly restores your inner confidence.

A handy pack of refreshing intimate wipes for women on-the-go. 100% flushable, 100% biodegradable & 100% discrete.

Be Kinder To Your Vagina Kit (Pre-Order)


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